Four Ways Gamification Increases Sales

Gamification increases user engagement by tapping into humankind’s competitive streak. Our brains’ reward centers are rarely satisfied which is why we keep coming back for more. So while educators leverage gamification to increase classroom participation, and while employers use gamification to enhance employee productivity, Kuwait online shopping sites use gamification to drive user engagement and sales. Here are a few ways a strategic gamification plan can increase sales and build a brand’s positive image.

1. Novelty

Using new technologies, or creating a new spin on an older technology is a way to rebrand and refresh a business’ image and attract a new audience. But an app does not need to be flashy in order to achieve a novel presence.

An article in Harvard Business Review broke down traditional businesses and online businesses into two categories. Traditional businesses were defined as purchase-oriented while online businesses were defined as user-oriented. The reason why online businesses outperformed some traditional businesses was based on convenience and an improved user experience. Convenience can be considered novel, especially for online businesses positioned within complex industries, like real estate and finance. Gamifying a complex system increases engagement and eases processes like application forms or even thorny regulations.

2. Sticky Apps

Getting customers to return to your business‘ in-app experience can be difficult, especially when electronics offer so many other distractions. Games, countdowns and other “fun” strategies will keep a customer hooked. Research has shown that once a customer is in an app they are more likely to make a purchase. The longer a customer is inside your business’ app then the likelier they will be to buy something.

3. Shareability

Social media depends on sharing and games are highly shareable experiences. Users enjoy sharing their successes and they also like challenging others. This electronic competition acts as a digital word-of-mouth that reaches across time zones and even demographics. Cross-platform gaming experiences, ones that work just as well on Apple devices as they do on Android, increase shareability and grow your app’s user base.

4. Incentivization

Some marketing experiences are already gamified, or quite close. Collecting points, accruing rewards, receiving bonuses and other incentives are built-in to programs like frequent flyer clubs or grocery store apps. Gamification provides users with instant gratification that older rewards programs couldn’t deliver. By incorporating instant rewards at check-out or encouraging in-app purchases using a count-down clock adds excitement to already successful strategies.

Before employing any of these strategies, ensure that your target demographic finds them appropriate. Not all gamified options can, or should, be geared to all customers. Establish your program’s goals and hone in on the kind of experience your customers would enjoy and share.

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